2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

PSC 235 Women in Policing

3 hours 

An analysis of the social and political forces that guided the evolution of women's role in policing from ancillary specialist to integrated member of the police establishment. Role enhancement from "Police Matron" to "Policewoman" to "Police Officer" is studied against the backdrop of women's reform movements. Title VII Equal Opportunity Act of 1972 and Supreme Court rulings abolishing barriers to women in policing are examined. Study of women police in other countries in state and federal agencies. Topics include female officers' occupational role conflicts; performance on patrol; coping with physical and psychological stressors - male peer prejudice jealous mates favoritism sexual harassment; women's special attributes in policing; female detectives; the future including the role of women in key policy-making decisions.




ENG 101 and one of the following: PSC 101, CRJ 101, CJBS 101 or ICJ 101