2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

SOC 224 Death, Dying and Society: A Life Crises Management Issue

3 hours 

Death and dying will be viewed from the perspectives of a variety of academic disciplines and applied fields. The course will deal with the dying process: the different cultural practices and beliefs related to this process; its impact on the individual and his or her family particularly in the areas of grief, mourning and restructuring of the family; and it will examine the ways different occupational groups are routinely involved with death and dying and the methods they evolve to manage it for others and cope with it themselves. The course will also explore different types of death, death at different periods in the life cycle, euthanasia, abortion and ethical, religious existential issues related to death and dying. The course will be multidisciplinary.



Cross Listed Courses

ANT 224, and PSY 224


ENG 101 and an introductory course in sociology, anthropology, or psychology