2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

III. Costs of Attending the Institution

The institution shall provide the costs of attendance for each of the cost categories listed below. Estimates may be used if exact figures are unavailable or inappropriate. Where only summary information is provided, the institution must identify the name of an institutional office where detailed information can be obtained.

  1. Tuition and Fees
  • All assessments against students for direct educational and general purposes
  • Description of the purpose of a mandatory fee, if not apparent from its name
  • Clearly identified course and lab fees
  • Clearly stated condition under which non-mandatory fees need not be paid
  1. Books and Supplies
  • Costs of textbooks, books, manuals, consumable supplies and equipment that are corollary to instruction and necessary for the student
  • In the case of major program categories for which such costs vary more than 25 percent from the average, separate estimates shall be provided.
  1. Room, Board and Other Living Expenses
  • Costs of housing services
  • Costs of food services
  • Estimated costs of similar accommodations available in the community
  • Estimated cost of personal expenses applicable to students pursuing primarily educational objectives