2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin


Standard Courses

Students are expected to attend all class meetings as scheduled. Excessive absence may result in a failing grade for the course and may result in the loss of financial aid. The number of absences that constitute excessive absence is determined by the individual instructor, who announces attendance guidelines at the beginning of the semester in the course syllabus. Students who register during the Change of Program period after classes have begun are responsible for the individual course attendance policy, effective from the first day of the semester.

Developmental Courses

In developmental courses, students are automatically considered excessively absent if their absences exceed the number of times a class meets in any two-week period and are not eligible for passing grades. In classes that meet once a week, more than two absences are excessive. In classes that meet twice a week, more than four absences are excessive. In classes that meet three times a week, more than six absences are excessive.

The currently-offered developmental course for SEEK is: