2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin

Article VI: Eligibility Requirements for Student Clubs

Section 1–Certification of Eligibility by the Judicial Board

  1. Any new club wishing to be certified as eligible for funding must first submit to the Judicial Board:
  • A statement of its purposes, said purposes being in accord with the mission of the College and purposes of the Student Government as defined in this Charter.
  • A constitution providing for the governance of the club in an open and democratic manner.
  • A membership list containing the names of at least fifteen members of the student body, four of whom must be executive officers of the Club, all of whom have grade-point averages of at least 2.5 as undergraduate students and/or grade-point averages of at least 3.0 as graduate students.
  • A club must have an advisor.
  1. The Judicial Board and the Office of Student Life shall study and verify all material submitted to it by clubs. It may require the executive officers or the advisor of any club to appear before it for the purpose of gathering additional information. Following the submission of the required materials, the Judicial Board shall determine whether a given club is to be certified, and so inform the President of the Student Council. The Judicial Board may invoke this procedure with respect to continuing clubs, which have not undergone review for more than one year.
  2. Any club denied certification shall be provided in writing with the reasons for such action by the Judicial Board. It may resubmit an application for certification at any time thereafter.
  3. If the club has been denied certification, whether such denial is provided in writing or otherwise, it may lodge an appeal with the President of the Student Council. If the President determines that the appeal holds merit, he or she shall place it before the Student Council and shall request the executive officers of the club in question and representatives of the Judicial Board to appear before the Student Council at its next meeting to give testimony in the case, provided the agenda has not already been established. If the agenda has already been established, the case shall be heard at the subsequent meeting. The Student Council may, on appeal, reverse a certification decision of the Judicial Board, provided that two-thirds of the qualified attending membership of the Student Council so agree.
  4. All clubs will be expected to hold at least two regular meetings and one event per semester. At least one week’s notice shall be provided for all club meetings, and attendance shall be open to all interested members of the student body. It shall be the responsibility of the executive officers of each club to keep minutes of each meeting, indicating the members of the club in attendance and all business transacted. These minutes, along with a signed statement from the club’s advisor attesting to their accuracy, shall be transmitted to the Chief Justice of the Judicial Board and the Office of Student Life no later than two weeks following each meeting. Clubs shall also promptly submit to the Judicial Board and the Office of Student Life all amendments to their constitutions.
  5. At any time during the course of the academic year, any ten members of the Student Council or twenty-five concerned students may request that the Judicial Board reexamine the standing of any club. Any club found failing to conform to the requirements set forth in this Article may, after an open hearing, have its certification revoked. Clubs losing their certification may neither receive any further appropriations from the Student Council, nor draw upon any funds already appropriated. A club, however, may appeal the loss of certification in the same manner as it might appeal an initial denial of certification. No club may have its certification reexamined more than once during an academic year.