2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin

Tuition and Fees

Tuition rates for Undergraduate students are established by the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York. All fees and tuition charges listed in this bulletin and any registration materials issued by the College are subject to change without prior notice by action of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York.

In the event of any increase in fees or tuition charges, payments already made to the College will be treated as partial payment. Students will be notified of the balance due and method of payments. Students who have not paid all fees and tuition by the time indicated will not be considered registered and will not be admitted to classes. Balance information and tuition deadlines are always accessible online via the Student Center on CUNYfirst. 

2022-2023 Undergraduate Tuition Rates


New York State Residents  
Full-time matriculated students (12+ credits): $ 3,465.00 per semester
Part-time matriculated students (11 credits) and under: $ 305.00 per credit 
Non-degree students: $ 445.00 per credit 
Senior citizens auditing: $ 80.00  per course
Out-of-State Residents  
Matriculated students: $ 620.00 per credit  
Non-degree students: $ 915.00 per credit  

Please Note: BA/MA students are charged the Graduate-rate of tuition once they have reached 120 credits.. The new tuition charge will be effective for the subsequent semesters. 

New York State Residency

In order to qualify for the University's resident tuition rate, a student must first meet the University's qualifications for residency.  Students applying for in-state tuition must have resided in New York State, with the intent to stay, for at least 12 consecutive months (one year) immediately preceding the first official day of classes.  Residence in a dormitory, hotel, or other temporary housing facility does not qualify for in-state tuition.  The College will require additional documentation to further review a student’s residency application.

For more detailed information, please visit the Residency and In-State Tuition page at: https://www.jjay.cuny.edu/residency-and-state-tuition


Student Fees

Undergraduate Fees
per Semester/Session
Student Activity Fee $ 128.75 $ 104.00
Technology Fee $ 125.00 $ 62.50
CUNY Consolidated Services Fee $ 15.00 $ 15.00
Senate $ 1.45 $ 1.45
Total $ 270.20 $ 182.95
Material Fees
Students may incur an additional fee for materials for courses in Art, Music or Science. This fee can range anywhere between $15 to $40 depending on the course.
Miscellaneous Fees
Change of Program $ 18.00 / per change
Duplicate I.D. $ 10.00
Duplicate Record/Bursar Receipt/Bill (i.e. Bursar receipt) $ 5.00 / per copy
Duplicate Diploma $ 30.00 / per copy
Late Payment $15.00
Late Registration $ 25.00
Make-up Examinations $ 25.00
Second Make-Up Exam $ 30.00
Third Make-Up Exam $ 35.00
Transcripts (No charge for CUNY to CUNY OFFICIAL transcripts)  $ 7.00 / per copy
Readmission $ 20.00
Returned Check $20.00 / per return
Qualifying Exam $15.00

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds are calculated for students that formally withdraw from a class or classes during the first three weeks of the semester using the dates established in the University's Academic Calendar. This calendar will be used by John Jay College to verify the amount that will be reimbursed to the student. *It is important to note that non-attendance in classes does not waive a student's financial liability incurred at registration. Please review the Academic Calendar and drop the course(s) from your registration immediately.

Tuition Liability Schedule

Fall & Spring semesters only:
Before the 1st official day of the semester
0% tuition liability (no charge)
Within the first week of classes
25% tuition liability
Within the second week of classes
50% tuition liability
Within the third week of classes
75% tuition liability
After the third week of classes
100% tuition liability
 To view Specific dates, please visit this link: http://jjay.cuny.edu/academic-calendar

The City University of New York Policy on Withholding Student Records

Students who are delinquent and/or in default in any of their financial accounts with the College, the University, or an appropriate state or federal agency for which the University acts as either a disbursing or certifying agent, and students who have not completed exit interviews as required by the Federal Perkins Loan Program, the Federal Family Education Loan Programs, the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program and the Nursing Student Loan Program, are not permitted to complete registration, or be issued a copy of their grade, a transcript of academic record, certificate or degree, nor are they to receive funds under the federal campus-based student assistance programs or the Federal Pell Grant Program unless the designated officer, in exceptional hardship cases and consistent with federal and state regulations, waives in writing the application of this regulation.

Enrollment Breaks for Military Service

John Jay College supports students who temporarily discontinue their studies due to military service. Students facing or considering military service breaks in their John Jay studies are strongly encouraged to contact the Military and Veteran Services Manager at rpusateri@jjay.cuny.edu. If they are receiving veteran or military educational benefits, then email the Veteran Certifying Official and Military Point of Contact, Ms. Chrissy Pacheco at cpacheco@jjay.cuny.edu.

A student who is called up/recalled involuntarily to active duty in the middle of a semester may receive a grade and credit for a course provided they have attended for at least 13 weeks (5 weeks for summer session). A student who has not attended a sufficient time to qualify for a grade is entitled to a 100-percent refund of tuition and all other fees except application fees.

A student who volunteers for active duty during a semester may receive a grade and credit for the course provided they have attended for at least 13 weeks (5 weeks for summer session). A student who has not attended a sufficient time to qualify for a grade is entitled to a refund of 100 percent of tuition and all fees except application fees if the withdrawal is before the beginning of the 5th calendar week of the semester (3rd calendar week for summer session), or 50 percent of tuition and all fees except application fees if the withdrawal is in the 5th week or later (3rd week for summer session).

Administrative Cancellations

In the event a student’s courses and/or registration are canceled by the College after the tuition has been paid in full (out-of-pocket), the student is entitled to a full refund.  *If the student re-enrolls for course(s) in place of said canceled classes, the payment will be automatically credited to the new enrollment.

Outstanding Debts to the College

Students with outstanding debts to the College are subject to account holds which will prohibit them from registering for subsequent semesters until all debts are paid in full. Balances outstanding for more than six (6) months after the last official day of the semester will be turned over to the University’s collection agency for debt recovery.  The student will be responsible for the balance due + any additional fees/surcharges from the debt holding agency.

Returned Check Policy

Checks returned unpaid to the College by a financial institution, no matter the amount or reason for the return, will automatically incur a $20 reprocessing fee in addition to the original obligation. John Jay College will attempt to notify the student or former student in an effort to recollect the payment. Full payment must be made within two weeks of the rejection date, otherwise failure to meet this deadline will result in an additional $15 Late Payment Fee. The Bursar's Office will no longer accept personal checks in payment of tuition or fees -- even if the student wishes to use someone else’s check. A student who fails to remake the payment in a timely manner will be denied access to their records and will be prevented from registering in the future.

Tuition Payment Plan (NELNET - Online Only)


The City University of New York offers a monthly payment plan, serviced by Nelnet, to help students budget their educational costs each semester. There is no interest and a credit check is not required. Students that opt into utilizing the Nelnet Payment Plan will be charged a one-time enrollment fee of $25. More Information is available at the Bursar's Office or online at: https://www.jjay.cuny.edu/sites/default/files/contentgroups/bursars/payment_plan.pdf.