2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

CHE 104 General Chemistry II

71/2 hours: 3 hours lecture, 11/2 hours recitation, 3 hours laboratory 

This is the second half of the General Chemistry sequence. It builds on the in-depth exploration of the basic properties and reactions of the elements and the compounds learned in the first semester of general chemistry and ends with an introduction to organic chemistry. Topics include chemical kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, aqueous ionic equilibrium, free energy and thermodynamics, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and transition metals and coordination compounds. The laboratory stresses principles of qualitative and semi-quantitative experimentation and fosters competence in the skills needed to work safely and effectively in a scientific laboratory. This course is designed for students majoring in Forensic Science, Cell and Molecular Biolgoy or Toxicology; or minoring in Biology or Chemistry who have a strong math and science background.   




CHE 103 (or CHE 101-CHE 102 sequence) or the equivalent, MAT 141 or MAT 241 or higher or the equivalent


This course has a $25.00 material fee. This course satisfies the Required Core: Life and Physical Sciences area or the Flexible Core: Scientific World area of the Gen Ed Program.