2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

TOX 338 Cellular and Molecular Toxicology

5.5 hours (3 lecture, 2.5 laboratory)

Every cell encounters toxic insults. In order to survive, several protective mechanisms are triggered to defend against such insults. This course will cover the fundamental concepts of cellular and molecular toxicology including membrane-bound transporters, small molecules such as glutathione, enzymes for biotransformation and detoxification, and proteins affecting the repair of damaged macromolecules such as DNA. Material will focus on cellular responses to toxic insults involving integrated biological processes such as the activation of signaling pathways, the regulation of gene expression and cell division, and programmed cell death. This course will unravel the key processes in this cellular drama and discuss the scientific uncertainty in the measurement and in the data. The goal is to introduce cellular and molecular principles and the key biochemical players to foster a deeper understanding of the molecular basis of toxicology.




ENG 201, BIO 104, CHE 202