2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

TOX 401 Capstone Experience in Toxicology

5 hours: 1 hour lecture; 4 hours laboratory 

This capstone in the Toxicology major is a research-based course designed to strengthen students’ ability to understand research topics and issues in toxicology, to assimilate and then disseminate information in an organized and understandable fashion and, finally, to implement the practical techniques learned in the laboratory and to successfully apply them to their own research projects. Students will also discuss the ethical, legal and social justice issues in toxicology as well as scientific uncertainty and quality control in toxicology research. Students will be immersed in a dynamic project-based toxicology research environment by integrating their knowledge, practical skills, and logical reasoning skills. The course will provide graduates a framework to understand toxicology research from a practical perspective and prepare students for careers and graduate studies in toxicology or biomedical fields.




ENG 201, BIO 355, CHE 315, TOX 313