2015-2016 Undergraduate Bulletin

Baccalaureate Degrees

Degree Requirements

John Jay College of Criminal Justice candidates for the baccalaureate degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) must complete at least 120 credits, composed of the general education requirements, a major and electives (no more than 4 credits of physical education activities courses may be applied in this last category). To receive a baccalaureate degree from John Jay College, students must complete at least 30 credits of coursework in residence and at least 50 percent of their major at the College. Students may not take more than 50 percent of the courses used to fulfill their degree requirements online.

General Education

In the fall 2013 semester, John Jay introduced new general education requirements, offering students greater flexibility in selecting courses that meet the broad goals of a liberal arts education. The 42-credit program consists of the Common Core (30 credits) and the College Option (6-12 credits). In the Common Core, students take required courses in English composition, mathematics, and science, and select additional courses from each of five thematic areas. The College Option consists of a 6-credit Justice Core encompassing issues of justice that are at the heart of the college’s mission as well as courses in two additional thematic areas. See page 68 for detailed information about the general education program.

Baccalaureate Majors

Students select a major upon application to the College. Any student may complete a dual major where such a major exists among departments and programs. Majors may be changed at any time before graduation. To change a major, a student should fill out an Undergraduate Declaration of Major Form and submit it to J Express.

John Jay College permits double majors for students who have earned at least 12 college credits. No more than six-credits of courses may be shared by (credited to) both majors. Double majors are permitted when students elect majors that are 45 credits or less.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers the following majors for baccalaureate degree candidates:

Anthropology (BA)
Computer Science and Information Security (BS)
Criminal Justice (Crime Control and Prevention) (BA)
Criminal Justice (Institutional Theory and Practice) (BS)
Criminal Justice Management (BS)
Criminology (BA)
Culture and Deviance Studies (BA)
Economics (BS)
English (BA)
Fire and Emergency Service (BA)
Fire Science (BS)
Forensic Psychology (BA)
Forensic Science (BS)
Gender Studies (BA)
Global History (BA)
Humanities and Justice (BA)
International Criminal Justice (BA)
Law and Society (BA)
Philosophy (BA)
Police Studies (BS)
Political Science (BA)
Public Administration (BS)
Security Management (BS)
Sociology (BA)

Students are urged to consult with an academic advisor or major coordinator to plan their courses of study. Students may also consult DegreeWorks, an online tool, available through the CUNY Portal at http://www.cuny.edu. Prerequisites for beginning each major are listed in each major description. Be aware that individual courses may have their own prerequisites. Students are advised to read carefully all course descriptions in this bulletin and consult DegreeWorks when planning their schedules in addition to consulting with an advisor.

Please note: ENG 101 is a prerequisite for students wishing to enroll in 200-level courses, and ENG 201 is a prerequisite for students wishing to enroll in 300-level courses or above.