2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin


A student in good academic standing who has demonstrated skills proficiency and who has not registered for one or more semesters is required to file an application for readmission at least one month before the beginning of the registration period. When the application is processed, the student will receive registration instructions. Readmitted students may be subject to changes in curricular requirements instituted since their last term of attendance. The application for readmission is available from the Jay Stop at: http://jstop.jjay.cuny.edu/. Students who are not skills proficient in reading, writing and/or mathematics are not eligible for readmission unless they are either a) SEEK students who have been at the College less than two (2) years or b) ESL students who have been at the College less than four (4) semesters and have demonstrated proficiency in mathematics.

Students Applying for Readmission with GPAs Under 2.0

Students who wish to return to the College with a GPA less than 2.00 must submit an application for readmission through the normal process. The application is reviewed by the Readmission Committee, which assesses the student’s record and makes a decision on whether the student may return to the College. As a part of the readmission process, the student is then referred to the Academic Advisement Center (or the SEEK program) for a readmission session. In this session, the student will receive academic advisement, assistance in developing strategies to get off of probation, a review of study habits, and “skills and plan” the next semester’s schedule. Students can then register for the semester.

Students who are denied readmission through this process may submit a written appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

See also: Second Chance Policy